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BUT.... Worked like a charm but  then a system update did crash  it again suddenly a message you are offline! no network device found... and a red sign like a trafic sign  right top of screen the update was not valid and not installed yes that was the last action when the network adapter was still working it was updating  system software You should not do that in UBUNTU !  if you want your system  not to crash... so another  install have to be Starting from the CD the networkadapter was found so its not hardware then i is getting to approach Windows now... that installs here only one time.. My impression of UBUNTO is very good  it did run 1 week without issues It is very complete UBUNTU runs cool. It took about 5GB on the HD Connects quick with WLAN  firefox had stabilized.. It recognized my IOMEGA external drive instantly I could not get the Brother DCP 750CW Wlan printer to work no driver matched this was easier in W7 Then I wanted to install WSPR First I fo

what happened to M(a)y Es?

We had few days with total radio blackout  only earth path decodes on 10m But now 10m recovered a bit  with VK2KRR decodes  weather turned back to early spring gray sky cold some spotty ES   5Z0L  was worked today in JO33 but not by me .. I was not at the radio at the best time when  reported iby 4X1RF  I had WSPR running Later in evening good ES at 70MHz several CT EA7 strong   EA8 and ZB2 was reported but not heard at 4M At 50Mhz strong EA IT9 LZ    D4C/B  at 50.034 heard 4X4SIX/B 50080 then 50.104 heard 5Z0L  cqcq strong up 1  easy worked..  but never heard such strong East Africa a slim?  5Z0L home frequency is 50.102 up 1 Ironic to work a slim I can't work real dx it seems. 5Z0L_6.mp3 slim easy to work! Changed  the HF/4ele 6m to HF + 5 ele 6m 2 new directors 12 and 10mm tapered elements from left over 4/6 yagi experiments I did not solder the 10/12mm Aluminium  but instead forced  the pieces 2-3cm in each other to make a good joint. Applying some WD40 first


Continued        VM10   and VB6 What I wanted to see in W10  is if VisualBasic6 does works again as a proof to me that W10 is okay in W8 MS had disabled the IDE  !   MS wants to get rid of their best and popular language product at any costs! In W10  VB6 installed   the normal way as administrator it  run's and the unsurpassed  IDE of VB6 works like it does in W7 Some compatibility warnings  you can ignore WINDOWS 10 is seen as a repaired version of Windows 8 I never saw use for W8 that one I skip'd For professional applications W7-64 is the preference  professional PC suppliers still ship the systems with W7 But maybe W10 is not a stepback like W8 and can it be a useful next W- OS this is my story in a nutshell 1. To run W10 technical preview I wanted it as VM in already installed WindowsVirtual PC But it would not work in W-Virtual PC 2. Virtualbox Oracle older version was installed  V4.3.8  I could not get VM W10 to work in that either. 3. V-box V 4.3.26 woul

WSPI-leaks" and WSPR at 4M is like Don Quixote

I found the memory leak deja vue I had that one's before.  WSPR  save all was checked for a test forgot to uncheck it C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\WSPR\save this location is hidden by Windows no easy to find Microsoft did a good job to hide  data as difficult as possible 2588 files 6.58GB   there they are  each wav is 2.6MB every decode is saved so that will stuff your drive in the end. Only  650MB was left now the log file containing all decodes can also be found there This file is not under c:\program files\WSPR\ C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\WSPR\ALL_WSPR.TXT It has decoded records and logging of TX period  since 2009 still it is only 42MB no problem at all  those TXT files are very efficient in storing data they take a fraction of space compared to  MDB or XLS files It is strange that instantly after installing Googledrive 3GB was gone And that I did not see this in the drive mapper so now the HD is h

50MHz WSPR last week

Since 2 days 6m is dead as a dodo complete not even SM LA can work a thing afraid it is the end of the TEP/ES to Indian Ocean area Last night heard 50102 PY2XB  working OH1 and ES! again in the dead zone here ZP5CW was worked in SM6 DL and G again not a whisper of  the 2  ZP5's a QSL of long time ago in better times he just "popped  up"  in those days something could pop up here! but that seems to be history VK2ZMT  must be an decode overflow from 28MHz  it looks nice... Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az  2015-05-17 22:18   VK2ZMT   50.294542   -23   0   QF57ua   5   PA0O   JO33hg   16452   320   2015-05-16 09:02   PA0O   50.294477   -26   0   JO33hg   1   4X1RF   KM72ls   3201   124   2015-05-15 07:36   LA5TFA   50.294498   -19   0   JP99kq   5   PA0O   JO33hg   1929   205   2015-05-16 11:36   CT2IWW   50.294406   -18   -1   IN51wf   2   PA0O   JO33hg   1734   34   2015-05-16 11:32   PA0O   50.294528   -5   1   JO33hg 

Google drive eats your harddisk!

I had about  3GB free of 40G HD on this lowpower notebook I am using Dropbox  it used about 5GB HD space. It was getting a problem the HD space sunk below minimum level.. But I red this . I thought to give it a try and gain HD space It is a cloud storage service so I expect what the name implies  to store file in the WWW instead on my tiny HD... WRONG thought!  it cost you more HD space than without! Googledrive installed and instantly I lost my just freed  2.5 GB ! I can not find the G.D. storage place in my PC that takes those GBytes! Also Dropbox takes HD space but at least it shows decent where it is:  ...user/Dropbox . Be aware!  special if your HD is "only" 40GB Stick to dropbox is my advice. I had cleaned my system HD as good as possible to free about 3.5GB I got warnings low memory already The HD is only 40GB in this Notebook I did uninstall  Googledrive right away when aware ab

3B9FR 50.105 MH10 got'm

The activation  of  Rodrigues Island is the hot item for the  6  community. After months of plane noise finally real DX . A good signal and long opening after 3 previous ones passed empty. Thanks to great activity of Robert and  antenna donated by UKSMG  QSO time 15:39   a new one i  ! #212  and   MH  main-square  number 90 2 year and 1day  after 3B8DB Heard long time over 1 hour in and out again heard at almost 17:00  big pile with  DL OK OM YU etc etc many callers strong heard in the QSX  50.105 3B9FR  MH10qh     QSX up 2 - 5 kc When arriving home a quick look at the cluster showed that 3B9FR already had an opening into my area.. was I too late again 3rd day in a row (....)? Pff  this time the signal came back in to about 569 good signal with big DL OK YU etc pile. recording The month May seems to be the best for this area The end of the TEP season combined with our starting ES. looking in the list: 72 25-Mar-9

VB6 replacement search , TQSL small problem..

Perfectly describes the let down of VB6 users by Microsoft. i have installed MS Visual studio 2015   i had to let my PC running the whole evening to install this dragon piece ... bulky slow cryptic not suited Windows 10 still not been able to run in VM seems to be very hard.. TQSL v2.0.3 I noticed  a possible problem in TQSL   v2.0.3 when editing an existing ADIF the output is skipping fields output of N1MM ADIF   1 record   EA8AA/QRP 20150412 172233 36 20M PA0O 14.05356 DX 14.05356 CW 599 599 PA0O 33 8373 1 1 AF 1 1 True USER- PC 1 same record ADIF after edit   inTQSL EA8AA/QRP     20M     CW     20150412     172233     14.05356     14.05356  I noticed this because I could not import the edited ADIF into HAMlog due to too many missing fields did send my findings to LOTW  / tqsl    got real quick reply from Katherine Lotw speci

5R8UI 6m first DX this year worked

recording with QSO PE5T helaas 3B9FR niet gehoord  misschien weer te laat dat was een nieuwe geweest. maar allang verbaasd om uberhaubt eens DX te horen op de ruisband... tja 6m primetime = dinnertime   dat is een vaste regel.. 5R8UI was langere tijd te werken simplex wel veel qsb    Nu de 70MHz preamp ESD protected   2x bliksem schade in maart na jaren 0-problemen. hopelijk geen defecte preamp meer info 1N34 Ge diode  reverse -1.5V ca 2pF @-1V      hier -1.5V U-gate Beter nog zou een dual pindiode BAR64-04W  of HSMP 3822 TRIG zijn maar die heb ik nu niet. Of de NXP BAV99 dual SOT23   10 voor 1 Euro  Cp <= 1.5pF Ik merk geen nadelig effect van de 1N34 of zelfs de BAT85 10pf  op 70 en 50 MHz En een enkele diode gaat geleiden door te veel signaal en vormt dan een  gesloten contact. Een harde kortsluiting is het niet maar de ingang wordt ook verstemd waardoor het signaal wordt begrensd De ervaring van OK2

Windows 10 running in a virtual PC and projects .. a lot

I installed an older version of VM that one did not resist and installed normally woow! But after following the instructions to set up a new VM for Windows10 pressing start VM  did abort with the message core engine not found! I should reload some core engine ... cryptic  nerd crap since the core engine was not mentioned at install as a separate  part of VM So how can I reload a kernel of VM ??? It is unbelievable this software boys it is very hard to find logical working software without fatal errors.. The easiest way to explore Windows 10 is installing it in a virtual PC That is what I read on the internet i agree with that. Already longer time using Windows Virtual PC  XP  for Simatic S7 PLC software That works fine. Simatic software is not what you want to install in your system since it is short said:  a real pain in the a..  type of install If "lucky" and Siematic is installed it takes over your PC  with crazy demands like: Forbidding  to install ser


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