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28 back to life ... 1 day only

Saturday 1/9/2012 morning 28MHz propagation map including  EU ZL (not here)

RUS RADIO RTTY   several JA contacts 28MHz 
In the evening 28 showed remarkable propagation.
FO4BM  around 23 local.  Weak on the dipole.  Missing my Stepper.  
XE1KCS/B EK09   OA4B 28.200  heard
Very weak heard  ZL4TEN 28.228  over SA 
just realised to ZL is always longpath..

Need to get  a 2nd mast again for the Steppir.

High expectations for the Sunday morning 28MHz opening to VK/ZL but only "normal" propagation left  with VK2KRR and VK6DZ copied

My procedure to handle a picture  in windows
With  ALT + PrtSC key the  active window is copied to the clipboard. But  using ctrl + V  does not place the bitmap image to this blog. 

I tried MWsnap  to select and copy a part of the screen.
Then this picture is saved somewhere  to  your user files
It can not be found in the "my pictures" map. I tried again to save the MWsnap picture and did notice the location where i should be saved. But it is saved somew…


ARRL RU RTTY   7/8 Januar 2012

ARRL CW             18/19 Februari 2012
ARRL SSB              3/4   March 2012

I was active in those ARRL contests this year
 thought to have send my log ?
But I can not find my call in the results
 Not  very high scores but  complete lost in cyber space?

D64K good signal 160M and 80M

D64K Good copy  early morning  and good operation on 160m CW
I was in the RDA-test and  heard the pile.

Last time they had a good signal at 80M CW but my antenna had a problem I could not TX, it always worked good until then..
then they had storm damage and went QRT/X  a few days.
This morning a good signal in the QSB peaks  f.b. operation fast QSO's  good ears.   
D64K 160m CW
D64K 80m CW
also 80m easy just few calls

I  bit of surprise since 160m has been very poor for weeks.
WSPR  160m  did not see any DX  >4000km long time.
80M is still good.

 2012-08-18 20:20  PA0O  3.594131  -19  0  JO33hg  5  VK2UB  QF59vk  16248  62  2012-08-19 04:28  WA7KGX  3.594167  -18  0  CN85no  501  PA0O  JO33hg  8023  29 
 2012-08-19 03:42  KK4XO  3.594023  -23  0  EL96uf  2  PA0O  JO33hg  7503  40 

 And last week   days in a row decodes by VK7DIK 

1 day 6M WSPR

TimestampCallMHzSNRDriftGridPwrReporterRGridkmaz 2012-08-15 05:30  PA0O  28.126124  -27  0  JO33hg  5  VK8AW  PH57ko  13349  69  2012-08-15 05:46  PA0O  28.126125  -27  0  JO33hg  5  VK8AW  PH57ko  13349  69  2012-08-15 18:04  PA0O  28.126116  -25  0  JO33hg  5  PY3FF  GF49  10848  227  2012-08-15 18:00  PA0O  28.126115  -16  0  JO33hg  5  PY3FF  GF49  10848  227  2012-08-15 17:10  PA0O  28.126118  -22  0  JO33hg  5  PY3FF  GF49  10848  227  2012-08-15 17:08  PA0O  28.126117  -25  0  JO33hg  5  PY3FF  GF49  10848  227  2012-08-15 10:06  V53ARC  28.126095  -15  0  JG87  1  PA0O  JO33hg  8486  354  2012-08-15 12:46  PA0O  28.126085  -15  0  JO33hg  5  A45WT  LL93co  5403  107  2012-08-15 12:50  PA0O  28.126086  -18  0  JO33hg  5  A45WT  LL93co  5403  107   today 28 early decode with Flex1500

 I am monitoring 50102 for D64K  have to go back QRL  again this evening might be  a last chance
But propagation is not good

We went to the Floriade  (had too...)  today  I left 6M running WSPR bea…

All Italian evening at 6m D64K 5H3EE / Perseïdes?

D64K  sometimes just Q5  50115 USB   in JO33hg      many many Italians calling  lot of splatter on D64K by some very broad Italian signals. No chance here for D64K with this weak signal in phone.

5H3EE  better signal  50.096 CW  539 real    working up  but  most south EU  no chance behind the  S-EU wall  tonight.
D64K never peaked  it stayed a ghosty TEP signal no change for non Italians tonight.

BTW  did anyone see  Perseïdes meteorites ?   I wached several clear nights
Yesterday I saw 2 in about 15minutes time.
I think the Perseïds shower must have dried out.
I have not seen  extra meteorites  in this August period for several years now.

N1MM  logger recently got unstable and loses the CAT connection with the K3
I do not know why  must be W7  in combination with the USB-serial converter
Then the Logger is going wild very annoying  the input field  is wiped out.
The band ruler is just jumping  to wild frequencies restarting N1MM  and or po…

WAECW propagation / N1MM / 6M open to Brasil

Besides enjoying the Olympic games  with its fantastic opening and closing ceremony
A fantastic performance by the U.K.!

I did some contesting  this weekend.

Finally a real contest this weekend the WAECW   nice contest  only outside Europe QSO's  allowed!
That is the type contests I like.
Propagation not bad at all! SF 135 or so
21MHz    even long path open to ZM1A  and ZL3IO  21:22 21:35
Most QSO on 21  some  28 to far east  and a few 20 40 80.

I heard D64K  good at 3502kHz  early morning  but my 80 vertical would not cooperate.
Gave "ARC"   tried to fix it in the night the  vertical  line did touch another wire of the 40/30m dipole.
I could not even use it with low power.
I replace a suspect plug , no result  had I listen better to my XYL  that would not have been  necessary.. She said something about the wires hanging strange earlier when it was still light outside..
Even tested the cable  with a dummy-load the outside cable was okay...
Wasted  time on that...



Lenovo HOT key

Using the LENOVO W510 Laptop
Again I lost my text  2 times I quit
I will have another try on a laptop without  the exiting killing keys..
This Lenovo keyboard  has  2 don't touch  key while typing email or website text..
If touched by accident your email or  website input is lost in cyberspace forever..
Very nice, game over     The next Lenovo will be even more exiting  it will explode if you press the wrong keys I think.

The 2 keys  left and right to the ^  
above the cursor left  and cursor right  
so If you want the cursor left and your finger slips to the key above you will directly dump your work into the shredder and you can start again you  lost and Lenovo won !

21 Juli 50MHz QSL received direct

Missed not all DX in 2012   these 2  6M cards  came direct last week.
The one JA opening   I did catch at 50MHz .
 FJ/W6JKV was the only SA  heard several evenings.
And a lot USA worked.  all in all 5 continents worked.
Had to miss 7O  6M  but got them on 9 HF bands.

4M   24 DXCC  worked.    Missed  TF   several openings   best DX  EA8BPX
Worked with the  small but good  7ele 3 band  mini antenna.
The 70MHz  XVTR  works nice and is running WSPR beacon mode 70.091most of the time when there is no opening or when not in the shack.
With the same  group of om's,  strange that no moreWSPR 70MHz activity is seen. I had the impression that some ham's where so interested in propagation of this new band?

TimestampCallMHzSNRDriftGridPwrReporterRGridkmaz 2012-08-09 12:14  PA0O  70.092442  -21  -3  JO33hg  5  G3SHK  IO90dx  623  249  2012-08-09 12:48  G3SHK  70.092571  -22  -1  IO90dx  5  PA0O  JO33hg  623  63  2012-08-09 09:04  PA0O  70.092516  -22  -1  JO33hg  5  M0NKA  IO92am  581  265…

La douce France

Gorges du Verdon
                                                       near Frejus  rocky coast
Retuned after a short but fine vacation with in France  Lorgues  Provence.
Enjoying the high summer weather  30-37C
We recently have a low cost  flight connection from Groningen/Eelde JO33 to JN23 Marseille
Door to door trip 18:30 leaving after diner  and at the bar having a beer in Marseille at 23:00
We can skip the 3 hours trip to Schiphol  Airport.

I had to switch off  WSPR  since heavy Thunderstorms where expected.

Now this morning 28 MHz seems not too bad in WSPR
many decodes VK<>EU     dx-index 100% of 100 decodes  >10000km

TimestampCallMHzSNRDriftGridPwrReporterRGridkmaz 2012-08-06 06:12  PA0O  28.126088  -25  0  JO33hg  5  VK7BO  QE38mo  16805  82  2012-08-06 06:16  PA0O  28.126088  -24  0  JO33hg  5  VK7BO  QE38mo  16805  82  2012-08-06 06:16  PA0O  28.126068  -30  0  JO33hg  5  VK1UN  QF22lf  16409  78  2012-…