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4M6M 7L68L4 antenna ready to launch

This is my latest workshop product. After several evenings and this Saturday. My new 4m/6m interlaced antenna is ready to put in the mast. Propagation has been extreme poor last weeks some ES 1500km maximum. WSPR rare decodes of VK 28MHz  and 80m absolute zero 800km DX maximum! 4m  wspr lot of decodes G0MGX 540km but 4m WSPR has still very low activity. We had a few sunny days  still cool north winds but we could enjoy the first dinner outside in the garden without getting a pneumonia. In the wind shield it was very nice  but this later Saturday afternoon the sky became grey and it cooled down with a nasty north wind to a cool 12C .  I did cycle to the shop wearing a warm hat in June!   Strange cool weather low Sun activity I am worried this is not normal. Despite the propagation meteorologic and economic depression I decided to make a bigger duo band Yagi/Una  designed by YU7EF  and  from the site of Janne OH5LID It is a 7ele 6 eand 8 element 4m duoband  9m boom lengt


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