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Re-using Molex PC connectors

Our summer weather ended this afternoon with heavy showers and 17C only.  HF propagation has been very disturbed. No decodes by VK7DIK on 80m last night it seemed to be restored. But only temporary, this evening again no grey-line decodes. I had to move the Steppir control-box and rotor indicator to the shack. So did not have to be bored. Painting outside was not possible unfortunately ;-) The PL259 as  tool to disassemble the PC power connectors .. The Molex terminals fit as plugs and sockets in this connector. The Kenpro rotator that belongs to the Versatower  has a strange type connector ... 10 pole  idiot proof. This old rotor has 6 wires. 3  for the indicator  and 3 for the motor.   The voltage  of the  potentiometer in the rotator is simply displayed as 0-360 degrees by the voltmeter in the indicator. My own newer type KR-400RC  uses 5 wires   2 for the potentiometer and also 3 for the motor. The indicator has a  360dgs 500ohm potentiometer same as in the


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