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Showing posts from August 12, 2019

Perseiden still a meteoroid shower?

Trying to find any sign of Perseid shower again this year
Until now 12 August just random reflections nothing above normal
1 or 2  DX reflections  / hour only

over the last days 
hrd R5WM KO72QI 1928km   few time's  1/2 QSO +17 / +17  but thunderstorm QRT
UR3EE KN88 2186km few times decoded
UA3AVY KO95  2100  1 CQ..
RX1AS  few times seen

few other with just 1 decode
over the night i left 144.360 monitoring almost no reflections seen

monitoring Graves 143.050  very few pings
sofar  no signs of Perseiden shower  just random reflections
high activity makes the illusion  like some shower is going on

maybe it has to come yet...

but only high power hams can make "QSO"  that take many endless repeating steps

most one time good strong reflection and then nothing heard i the next 30 minutes
no QSO complete here i was more listening and trying to get over 2000km
but did not succeed just too poor reflections here
 heard  2 long bursts over 7 seconds  of UR6EF and UT9UR