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ZS6EZ and V5/DL3DXX on 160m 2x new

V5/DL3DXX  was very weak copy here  But he returned prompt.  First time  I lost him in QSB
Could QSO in one of the rare QSB peaks  Dietmar did receive better on his end  
Real report  ?  415  519   but everyone give 599
Not copied on my K9AY in any direction 
No recording  since it took to long
  using the K3 200Hz rooftop filter did not help

The best copy was 400Hz  on the TX  i-L   vertical
This confirmed   my impression  that the  K9AY  does only help me in  NE NW  directions.
And also the experience that when hearing weak CW in USB  2.7kHz.
It does not really improve to switch to narrow CW filter. 
I might even lose the signal  when doing that.
When I just got my K3  I triedthe NR noise reducer with all its many settings but never found the magic combination.
I rarely use it does anyone use the K3 NR for low band DX ?   My ears still beat DSP noise reducing and filtering.
In a crowded band  a narrow filter is indispensablebut else I prefer wide filters.

A 2nd  new oneZS6EZ was  easy copy here, …