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4m 70.151MHz wspr activity

At present G6HSM is the only? regular wspr transmitting station at 70.151 tx schedule xx:x6 Occasional i am also at 70.151MHz tx and rx. 70.151 seems to be the agreed wspr dial frequency and FT8 = 70.154 this fit's in the DL 4m band I was uncertain about receiving performance since the last DX event with the 2 Kazakhstan ham i saw "everyone" working hearing UN7MBH and UN3M here only 2 very weak decodes my antenna seems broken?? 124700 -21 0.4 1105 ~ M0UKR UN7MBH R-23 130300 -15 0.2 1654 ~ CQ UN3M LO61 CQ Zone 17 Good to have a beacon with a weak stable signal within reasonable distance. So i compared with an other 4m HAM  receiving G6HSM and concluded nothing wrong here technical Just i am in JO33HG north and ES tends to be staying more south... Saved a session G6HSM that failed to decode however the trace looked fine to me to decode. Checked save all, don't forget to uncheck it. Every receive wav file takes 352k this one took 2813 k bytes. 8x more i


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