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N1MM plus com1 error problem solved

nu dit weer.. Problem solved Deleted in registery  2 Nport entries  one of them using com2 But why this problem appeared just now ? in the past on this PC I might have used Moxa Nports  network ports but not recently Anyway this can explain that some software is interfered and other not This nports are mapped into the system but do not appear in the hardware list. That is if not the windows WHQL is used but the nport administrator this must have been the cause New error today with com port that supposed to be used by some other program I have no other programs using COM2 How ever a lot of  malware can hijack any comport  some programmers have no idea about comports they allocate it  like it is RAM. Strange ting is N1MM is normal online the communication polling is normal T/R  and CW with COM2 (used here) is normal except that the message above pops up Probleem gevonden nport serial ports in de registery 1 bezette com2  wel heel raar dat het probleem nu pa


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