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6M open to PJ4E but not here. Flux is rising like the stock market it has been better.

Maybe came to late at the radio. Heard a pile at 50105  Apparently calling up  for PJ4E.  PA's  west of me were calling. I did not hear the PJ4E.   I did not hear any DX  could be something is wrong at the RX  or antenna here. Dough i do hear the regular beacons  normal ? Also the result at 50MHz  WSPR is good but hard to compare. Since there are only a few QRV in EU.   And very very few outside EU to catch. CN8LI is regular the best DX  1x OD/DL     Further 4X1DA but not seen yet here. of course Ross T61AA  in MM44 is active  but he will need  his 6m yagi's up if not there is not much chance to decode. If we had no WSPR possible would not have put the 6m antenna up even knowing that WSPR activity is low at 6. But the idea being QRV at 6m 7 days/week  was  too tempting. Remembering the openings i had to miss in the past by not being QRV..    So stop digging into the noise.  6M is nice for  S-EU in this low sunspot time and back to the 80/160 less location discriminating b


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