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TR4W in the UKRAINIANDX contest

In order to fi nd some solution to the logging problems I plugged a faster i 7   W7 Lapto p to the w ireless keyboard and the 22" TFT above my radio operating position. 1 7 CW QSO's in the Ukraini an contest went fine. N1MM was fast responding   no delays  in T/R confirm messages. While just having entered   W9EWZ . QSO nr. 18 The frequency display/band ruler went cra zy again and whiped out W 9 EWZ from the input field.. the msgbox  s tops the polling  click on retry starts it agai n. Why not just continue polling and showing an Offline sign without the need of manual resetting ? arrgg This time even the reset interface di d not recover the CAT connection I am having a rs232 break out monitor to watch the data over the CAT connection  still the K3 was sending data strings to the PC  in response to the N1MM polling   the K3 does not send data without being asked for by a command. But the data to N1 MM seem s  to be  scrambled  since  very odd f


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