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WSPR 500kHz (too) many frequencies to watch

I might need some other receiving techniques. Last night  WD2XSH/6  EM31js  was received strong  by G8HUH  IO81MG I was hopping all night 510.000 kHz   for WE2XGR/6     and  499.600 kHz  for WD2XSH/17  (USB dial setting)  ( +160 and 80) But  WD2XSH/6  was on  495.983 kHz  that means I had to set my dial 1500 lower  to 494.500 kHz  to receive him And possible  WD2XSH/17  did move here too?? I would like to receive  them all ... Now i have WSPR set 600= 499.600    other = 510.000 To have more hopping frequencies  some not used bands like   7 or 14 MHz  could be set to other 500Khz bands.. This is my short list of  current WSPR 500kHz bands: Dial:      502.400      used in EU   Dial:      499.600      WD2XSH/17   i used to receive him here Dial:      510.000      WE2XGR/6     and other WE2XGR/? Dial:      494.500      WD2XSH/6     and  /17 new freq? Dial:      503.630      DI2AF and possible more "private" frequencies in use  pity that i did not know this  t

80M WSPR in the DX "toplist"

VK7DIK  Tasmania   reported my 500mW on 80M tonight earlier this morning i heard  ZL3AB  2W  over long path 80m! the ultimate DX for PA-land 2011-02-10 07:20 ZL3AB 3.594116 -27 0 RE66im 2 PA0O JO33hg 18523 322 2011-02-10 20:50 PA0O 3.594146 -24 0 JO33hg 0.5 VK7DIK QE28sf 16731 84 not bad at all Bob  WE2XGR/6  is still decoded during the night when he is on at 0.511501 MHz   160m bit boring for WSPR  N3CO was the best DX  while last week VK6ZD was reported on 160 But in CW "strong" 559 signals from DU1IST heard fb copy but deaf as a doornail... About same strength DU1/JJ5GMJ was easy LOTW user also S9DX 80 160 strong  and  easy to work could not get in the log of 5H3EE (160 CW)  strong but to high QRN  and very  bad discipline of  EU forced him to QRT Aurora effect again


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