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M y ARRL dx  end r esult was 385 Q  130 M  had to QRT  early because of QRL travel to Belgium. Just before leaving and evening dinner managed to get some new multy's  like VE7CC BC   Utah  VE5 SK  WA NV MT AZ  on 20   15m was early closed  Much worse propagation today.  Saturday I had to miss the best time for 15m  around our dinner time... Dinner has always been very bad for DX-ing  ...   Propagation completely changed against last week. 28MHz  heard weak  east -W working AF and south-EU  Like W3LPL K1TTT  KM1W NQ4I W2FU   the big gun contest leaders. Here in JO33hg with 100W  a mission impossible  with that iono scatter signals caused by high ERP. 160m was not  good  the band did not even sound like a major contest was going on only the big guns from east W / VE  had reasonable signals.  Very good ears for EU  they could hear my  100W. Good copy of WD2XSH/6  Sunday early morning when i quit the ARRL and left WSPR monitoring 0.494400 MHz  WE2GXR/ seemed not QRV  so i di


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