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I do not know how it happend but i got one log record with empty call sign field This was reported by TQSL when trying to upload my log to LOTW N1MM can not remove a record with empty call field i found out. Deleting that record is normally confirmed by N1MM But the faulty QSO record does not remove. Here 3 PC's  in the network running N1MM  PC3 has IC706  + XVTR  23cm PC2  is running WSJT / WSPR with the K3 or logging N1MM PC1 the fastest Laptop is for contest use All PC's have N1MM  and TQSL /LOTW Deleting a QSO that is logged by an other PC in the network is not allowed that makes sense. To delete that record I filled in a fantasy call DE1LET   and then it can be deleted for real. You would think: So what, let TQSL ignore the empty record,  just update it. That's what i did But  when checking in LOTW  QSO's where missing just after the "empty"field  that happened to be my season best DX of course among  6m   several JA 50 MHz  DS4EOI    


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