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A prosperous 2020 also for the remaining days of 2019

        I say that because anything can happen any day , almost the same time last year our cat was killed here nearby.  That was  "only"a cat. Drivers like to step on the gas on small country roads  like here taking a shortcut. Extreme bright night clouds,  one of the highlights literally,  this year Power SDR f.b.  by Darrin KE9NS thanks for all your advice and help a feature rich program, works very fine now with the Flex1500 WSPR rx running 24*7  474.2 kHz  136kHz and rx/tx 28.124 MHz next goal is to automate switching external bandpass for rx and tx using the XVTR 0-dbm rx/tx ports  2nd mast up aluminium  225kg total , winch 45kg ,antenna 19kg  rotator G-2800DXC 7kg  tube 7kg  just fits in the top section with minor adaptions My Steppir finally up. All together setting up this mast was a challenge  not a turn key project what i thought it to be but a learning process.   019-12-26 00:42  AA1A  0.475674  -28  0  FN42pb  5  PA0O


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