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Aurora and Super 2m tropo in the VHF Juli contest to North Spain >1200km

Today during fieldday contest several EA2 signals heard some of them EA2XR  and EA2DR/1  real strong received on the  3ele (7el 3band)  30dB on the Braun SE400 I managed to work EA2XR in IN83KI  using  9Watts only And EA1FDI IN53TF   around midnight the EA1/2 still had tropo duct even to SM6 EA2DR/1 was also strong but the competition was heavy. Lot of callers and slow QSO rate  but it was 20? years ago I heard EA in tropo  but never that loud Have not been active on 2m since 1987  2 beacons simultaneous ED1YCA  and SK6VHF (backside) at 144445MHz Some aurora    heard LA4VHF  70.075  52A Remarkable good  80m spots  during / after Aurora  again as expected Timestamp           Call   MHz       SNR  Drift Grid    Pwr Reporter RGrid     km     az  2013-07-06 21:02   PA0O   3.594045   -24   0   JO33hg   5   VK7DIK  


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