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This morning XE1H  1840kHz  the FT8 USB dial frequency  peaking -7dB QRM by a ham that called  XE1H simplex wrong sequence s9+ while my QSO was not yet finished no problem to call overlapping a pending QSO with FT8 if not simplex offset and in the correct sequence. everyone can make mistakes But it is important to take notice of the excellent must read FT8 operation tips: also later 80m longpath to ZL1RJ  heard  Must be over S.A.  longpath  but wspr and others alway show and calculate the shorth path PSK reporter is nice but not all reported is correct or complete f.i. XE1H  was reported 80m  not 160m where I had 2-way exchange in FT8 I forgot last night to set the Flex1500 to 474.2kHz purchased  IRFP450A  eBay  do not look 100% genuine hard to believe Fairchild does sell rusty devices It is too much become a gamble  to purchase semiconductors at eBay


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