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TS790 cat interface

A CAT interface  for the old TS790 144/432/1292 tranceiver to work with N1MM  including the internal CW keyer DTR and "PTT" RTS and WSJT MSHV with "PTT" control Using the 3€ FTDI USB serial interface picture bottom page first i bought the Kenwood USB serial interface cable that cable has the TS790 special 6 pin DIN plug this interface works well long as you cut the 4-5  wire bridge on the ACC din.. with the wire bridge it did go offline after 30 seconds or so  Kenwood interface cable with CH330 eBay 15€    This type Kenwood interface cable uses a tiny 6 pin USB CH330 chip  The driver is CH340 known for Arduino it workes in W7/10 64  It has only TX RX Usart function no DTR RTS available  The TS790 settings are 4800b 8bit data 2 stop  default  N1MM does not list the TS790 it has the TS890  but that one does not support modes the TS2000 does support freq and modes and let you switch 2/70/23 it seems the TS2000 Hamlib is the best choice.


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