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At sunset/sr  about 1730 -1800 I was home and listening 1831.5 for ZL3IX but nothing today  only 4L7CW heard cq Moved to 3500 C W     luxury situation  3 ZL's in CW !  3501 ZL2IFB  419 519 3505 ZL 1BYZ   new for 80m 3508 ZL3NB  539    Last night after a slow start . A fter 22:00   no transatlant ic decodes at all. Fist decode 01:14 last 06:58  93 decodes  in the end . The "strongest " decodes so fa r this year .  Best time  05:10- 05:30  -15dB  "Booming" ;-) 2012-12-18 05:16   WE6XGR   0.499500   -15   0   FN12   50   PA0O   JO33hg   5988   47 That happen s to be the strongest decode in EU  but  the DL SWR  in JO52 was not monitoring last night . He or She?  ha d amazing reception last week. The main WSPR database  can only searched back 1 week. So h i story is going back only 1 week    The old database has other restrictions . Pity that not all data is available but understanding because it grows to big with that many spots lik

VK7DIK 80m strong

Real good 80m this evening -8dB  never copied VK7DIK that good Normal it is one way decodes by VK7DIK  rarely decodes on my side. And that is for most W-EU Used the K9AY for receive, is that antenna good!  I wood like to believe that.. The K9AY clearly helps for JA / VK  QTF N/E.  1 new JA call worked @160m Other directions give not always the wanted result. Also new  9V1YC  3505 CW And heard HS0ZEE at 1818.5kHz  strong 569 XU1A  was only in the 75 phone part of 80m again I d o not know DK4XI  but he must have a good sen se of humor H e is us ing 2 locators   JO39 jd happens to be just a better DX  then my 16731 During the evening in the run a sudden locator change.  2012-12-17 18:52   DK4XI   3.594118   -17   0   JN39jd   5   VK7DIK   QE28sf   16739   91   2012-12-17 16:12   VK7DIK   3.594151   -15   0   QE28sf   5   DK4XI   JN39qe   16696   299  2012-12-17 17:32   VK7DIK   3.594158   -20   0   QE28sf   5   PA0O   JO33hg   16731   307   2012-12-17 17:40 


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