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28MHz Australia center of the world 10m CW 5W1SA 4W6A

Later  in CW 28.034 KH0/NH2B  simplex(..)  heard but went QRT before I was ready to call 28.008 KH2/N2NL fb operator good signal but worked before. Then 28031 heard 5W1SA  Samoa NNE  almost over the north-pole  signal sounded a bit Auroral not strong 539 but good Q5   I called many times  at the right uplink although he never mentioned he was listening up. But no response  I guess full power from an ACOM1000  is not enough? Then 28.021   4W6A  East Timor     559 569 auroral sound (all signals)     up 5-10  called 500 times  I felt a bit like an idiot. If he can not hear this signal full power  in the 3 ele StepIR   he must be deaf or running hi power in a noisy place?  Even when calling at the right uplink freq. no response. Possible East Timor is not allowed to work PA? Big pile of course  a bit behind the usual wall here but never the less one time I should be in the clear? Why should I push it to the limit trying to work someone  who can or will not receive me anyway?


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