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Rusian OTH 80m 24*7*? WSPR wrong band report

Since a few weeks the Rusian OTH radar is active again  Covering the 200Hz  WSPR  window at 80M     3594.1 kHz  WSPR screen looks like this  The straight horizontal lines indicate  a very stable frequency base better then 1hz. WSPR shows the slightest frequency drifting or Doppler effects during Aurora very clearly. It sound like thi s : N ot that we wil l loose DX t here simply are no DX decodes last weeks to east.  Except some rare USA in the morning at 80m. 160m  best DX  is not even over 1000k m. The season is closed ftb.  WSPR  using  band hopping  sometimes reports th e wrong band. This usual happens when  manually switching band . Ban d hopping then seems to loose track of the band to report . That is what I experience .   Tonight this happened again but this time I was not at the radio.  B and-switching    4m and 80m  was checked.   I saw this when coming back in the shack: 2138  -7 -0.5   3.594112  0


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