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H44KW V63ZM the (allmost) unworkables

H44KW 10114kHz CW this evening again working EU  weaker but just after EA8AK? (QSO B4 )  I called at his QSX  and this time he came back woow  my first QSO with the Solomon Isl. was a fact 3D2RX  7011.3  worked being  the 3rd  40m 3D2 this month To say it in one phrase: DX hunting can be a frustrating thing.   Some DXCC  seem  unworkable no matter how loud they are.    V63ZM 80cw  and   H44KW 10106 cw   real loud. Must have huge pile yes but it was spread out and it did not seem that busy to me. But never a chance  only special ear for G  heard  no ears for other W-EU ?  deja vue  V63ZM  heavy QRN ? My ERP is too low?   in the ARRL 1 call 100W to a not very strong big gun was enough it can not be that Now I was calling with  PA . What more do I need  to be able to work V63ZM and H44KW? Easier to work the  Fiji islands or ZL     3D2NB 3D2RO 3D2RX this month worked at 40m Weak and  heavy pileups  but after a few calls  they come back so what's the problem with


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