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Japan 160m FT8 , VP6D at topband

In Japan digimode is allowed 1907.5  to 1912.5 kHz only FUNK FA 11/18 1087 ( posible in future i am thinking of writing in German language since the Brexit  why should we use Englisch ?) JA TX  USB dial  1909kHz or 1907kHz   rx dial 1840kHz EU send 1840kHz  RX  dial 1907 or 1909kHz where ever signals are seen. Tonight i tried with succes for the first time with several JA stations 2-way FT8  heard HL  HL3GOB dial 1907 must say it is some time ago i have seen JA in CW at 160m JA CW is only in the JA -window 1810 to 1825kHz  and that part is mostly occupied for us In contest the only chance is calling S&P normaly and only the big guns can be worked But in FT8 it is easy 100W! i just set my K3 VFO A to   dial 1907kHz   mode DATA A and VFO B to the usual 1840kHz WSJT-x  setup   radio split operation must be none but the K3 must be set to split  TX 1840 rx 1907 kHz thats all  btw  this morning VP6D  was on topband weak but some QSB   1826.5 up many EU heard call


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