oooowwww very bad propagation this weekend on the low bands

CQ 160 SSB


WD2XSH/7 EM31JS ODX 7830km 0.495970 MHz +ARRL CW

Just a "small" burp of the Sun and we are back in business.

strongest solar flare of the year so far

PACC 2011 is over

WSPR 500kHz (too) many frequencies to watch

80M WSPR in the DX "toplist"

I am ready for T88ZM ;-)

Finally after 4 days storm a sunny day for antenna check

After 48hours storm 2 bands left 4 lost

Radio without the low-band receive loop in the Maunder minimum...

K9AY down not by the storm

is this AURORA effect on WSPR signals ?

80 and 160 came back alive again

How to quiet the IC706?