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Upload LOTW fails it is crashed

I tried to recover LOTW LOTW is better protected then e-banking.. It is easier to send 10.000$  then to upload the LOTW logbook I don't know why this is so protected. I am not afraid someone is stealing my qso's ?? I seems a bit of an overkill security made  by a retired CIA official.. Did the trick setting  the system time back. Then TQSLCert shows valid keys I saved the    p12 type files recovering the p12 files did not help me either I renewed the PA0O certificate   then a  P5  type file was generated and saved to the hidden Windows user maps but  could trace it back. I send the pa0o.p5 file to  assuming only the call is in the msg header there was an automatic generated reply saying the request was processed. Today I received the  pa0o.t6 file in return that supposed to be installed by d-click or by loading it in the TQSLCert. But the certificates did not recover no keys I will have to wait for a bugfix from LOTW to continue the LOTW


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