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5W0M  ... Talofa ... Afio mai ! from Le Lagoto on Savaii in the northern part of the island - grid AH36TN Th is fine DX-pedition is over now.  T hanks guys for the  30 and 20m QSO. A l so the band police tuners and deliberate QRI diots  must be complete satisfied by now.... The location of Western Samoa is special,  the difficulty is not the distance it is not the fares t point from here.  I t is easier t o contact VK1,2,3,7 ZL   at 16500-18500km from here but it is the path. From my QTH it is straight over the northpole. T hat should explane the very weak signals .   W hy it was much easier  just about 500km south is puzzling me.  F or one or another reason it is easier t o get over the north pole from  Munich or Milan o or anywhere  just a tiny bit south in relat ion to the total distance ?     source:      


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