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VB6 replacement search , TQSL small problem..

Perfectly describes the let down of VB6 users by Microsoft. i have installed MS Visual studio 2015   i had to let my PC running the whole evening to install this dragon piece ... bulky slow cryptic not suited Windows 10 still not been able to run in VM seems to be very hard.. TQSL v2.0.3 I noticed  a possible problem in TQSL   v2.0.3 when editing an existing ADIF the output is skipping fields output of N1MM ADIF   1 record   EA8AA/QRP 20150412 172233 36 20M PA0O 14.05356 DX 14.05356 CW 599 599 PA0O 33 8373 1 1 AF 1 1 True USER- PC 1 same record ADIF after edit   inTQSL EA8AA/QRP     20M     CW     20150412     172233     14.05356     14.05356  I noticed this because I could not import the edited ADIF into HAMlog due to too many missing fields did send my findings to LOTW  / tqsl    got real quick reply from Katherine Lotw speci


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