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FB tropo first good tropo 2021 (hope in the contest weekend same ...;-) and "my" 23cm Beacons overview

The beacons i can hear / detect in JO33HG  in flat propagation at 1296MHz   OZ7IGY   1296.930 very weak copy  when not in PI mode.. DB0VC  xx.920 JO54if 100% in almost all conditions DB0XY  x.912 JO51EU  100% one of the stronger DB0GW  x.951  JO31jk  Munster always detected seems improved   specific frequency zig-zag below   ON0VHF 100%  PI6ASD x. 639 Amsterdam linear transponder 70cm in beacon mostly heard PI7ALK  x.918  S5 normal back after few moths of  renovation fb! GB3MHZ  x.830 100% copy  DB0LTG   x.7435 100% DB0MOT    detectable after some time.. PE9GHZ/B   1296.815 JO11MW  in/out   my 3cm  beacon at  10368.904 MHZ is still 24x7 on air pse spot it! above my DF9IC 23cm PA build some time ago, i tested it but unfortunately no output  I guess this project is the end of my home brew  attempts f.t.t.b...   Tonight Monday very good tropo  Beacons heard: SR1KOL  SR3HLY JO82LJ DB0UB JO62KK LA1UHG LB2SHF SKMHI SK6UHI OK0EKL  DX worked:  SP4MPB KO01  CW    SP5XMU  KO02 965km   205030 -18


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