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K5P zzzzzzzzz

5259kHz Heard ZS6EZ  and ZS4TX  good signal in CW had to be split I txed at 5359 +100kHz  seemed a logic choice but no QSO I can only receive DX  lately VP8STI   was relative easy to work at 30 40 and 80 yesterday night not strong huge pile  fb operator, good operators do not attract that much lids Heard very weak at 160m  had to QRT 01:30 to late for me K5P  has been a waste of time and disappointing experience. Is it the Chinese Radar ? Now added 30m   to  dipole 30 60 80m good matching on 3 bands 1700Z prime time grey line   80m  Palmyra  K5P  (KH5) but  silence They where not allowed to stay on the island at night.. that means almost no window to EU for low bands.  Birds rules like we have in our wad coast area nothing is allowed. propagation was not bad at all   aurora reported a good chance for Aurora enhanced propagation as thats been observed at 80 and 160  many times during or after Auroral disturbance at SS 20160120 1710   3507.5 CW   PA0O         599  XW


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