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VK7DIK 80M back in

Have been busy  this afternoon went shopping got a FTDI US232  USB-RS232 (39€) interface hopefully to solve the communication problem with N1MM. It did run immediate the driver was found in the system already. But... DTR/CW is not driven on my Notebook on my other Laptop it works normal Latest FTDI driver. DTR is only short active at init of the port. Seems a software problem. So still not a solution hardware and software is resisting to cooperate .  Same time purchased some extra high grade capacitors  WIMA FKP1 to tune the QTX 501kHz  down to 474.2kHz  I was testing my M.W. QTX again at 474.2 kHz.  our new M.W. allocation in 2013. Before even thinking of building a bigger MW PA  I should at least be capable to get this small PA working stable. Now at reduced power  20V  5A limited  to keep the IRF540 save. Also used the IRL540  designed for logic level that one worked in the 500kHz version 2010 okay but could not get this one to work at 474kHz for unknown reason. Meanti


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