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total Q 273    including 20 and 15 some  40 80 1 W on 160m 28MHz  super propagation   KL7 KH7 via longpath, AH0 ZL VK etc etc WAZ  28MHz    completed  Sunday afternoon with zone 2 VE2IM KL7RA zone1  giant pileup hard to break,   good signal 59 over the pole.  Some other KL7 heard  and  again KH7 long path S9  QTF 160 Could complete  zone  1 2 19 40  39  5R8A  38 V51A  Sunday   WAZ 21Mhz and 14MHz  could also been possible in this weekend but 28MHz kept me busy enough already. Some 80m W big guns could be worked with Lowpower Sunday evening late.  W3LPL KC1XX W2PV  zone 5 was the only worked on 6 bands. My setup  K3 ACOM1000 3ele Steppir seems to be marginal in the CQWWSSB  world where every extra  kW does help. Calling CQ did not rase pileups. The bands overloaded  with contesters  gave an extreme qrm level. Some S9 copied stations just kept on calling cq as if I was using the wrong sideband?? I was not build for Phone.


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