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CQWWCW and Murphy

Had a very good  start  at 80/160 Saturday early morning  at about 04:30 the counter was 500 QSO  had some very good runs. Then had to sleep knowing I would miss  the early 10m opening  to Asia/ VK/ZL/JA. But then Saturday after 1 QSO with a late signal of VK2IM on 10m  I could not tune the STEPPIR   and while trying this N1MM gave the "this action can not be completed because the other process is busy" MSGbox error.. brrr bad news  and these error BOX in Visual basic should not be used since it brings you in an endless error loop. I avoid these msgBoxes in programs  it is very annoying and blocking you to do any other possible actions to  fix or determine what is the problem. The msgbox pops up as soon as you try anything to open or close in N1MM. The other annoying msgbox:  "would you like to send an error report?" popup... A question upon yes or no gives the same result.       I could not  fix it by restart  it said com2 already open  but  no programs wher


2 nice  DX  and new TOP BAND EL2MF  1821.5kHz and  VP2MTA   on 80m  (100W)  fb signal  nice  DX stations with good receiving for a change.. After fruitless calling 9N2MD  ( Mega Deaf)  ;-) surprised  being heard ...   I do have a signal ! TEAMVIEWER   great program works super remote controlling your PC    WSPR   But once you got a licence key the programs has restrictions! Only 1 session allowed  so if you left your QRL PC connected you can not use it any-more The free users have no restrictions   strange policy?

80m "data" qrm wspr window blocked for days again

24 /7  data QRM ZK2V  30m   and  E51MAN on 17m  nice new ones 9N7MD 10105kHz  good signal.  But I quit after many calls waisted time. 

some DX

28 is not what we are used too. T2T in the evening seems not possible. They are too late on 12m for us  only working USA  But still some DX to catch 20111117 1751   7004,0 CW   PA0O         599  T2T             599                     20111119 0842  28037,3 CW   PA0O         599  VR2UW           599 Ray                 20111119 0957  24897,7 CW   PA0O         559  9N7MD           599                     20111119 1046  24945,0 USB  PA0O          59  9N7MD            59                     20111119 1709  24910,7 CW   PA0O         599  FO/N6JA         599                     20111119 1927  10108,5 CW   PA0O         599  ET3AA           599                     50MHz WSPR  2011-11-19 10:40   PA0O   50.294581   -12   0   JO33hg   5   OZ7IT   JO65df   428   57   2011-11-19 11:56   OZ7IT   50.294477   -7   0   JO65df   5   PA0O   JO33hg   428   242   2011-11-19 13:02   M1DUD   50.294468   -13   -1   JO02qc   2   PA0O   JO33hg   377   68   2011-11-19 13:24   PA0O   50.294564

OZ7IT +3 in WSPR tropo 50.293MHz

Now I am the owner of the tiny Flex-1500 . This is not only a small transceiver but also a spectrum-analyser. I   have it running with WSPR   using  VAC  Virtual audio-cable ©  Eugene V. Muzychenko   and Virtual Serial Port  VSP Manager © Steve Nance K5FR  Only the  USB cable to the  PC   / Laptop is needed. Audio and serial port are virtual connections by software.   The 1500 has USB  no Fire-wire  this is a bit critical but with some tweaking in the configuration  I hope to get it stable over long time. Same way it can be connected to N1MM which I did not do yet. I was surprised  by its sensitivity at 50MHz.  A preamp gave no improvement on reception of the beacons. ON0SIX LX0SIX  OZ7IGY The Signal level meter is the best I have ever seen. Weak signals stil have a clear level reading 0-10db over the noise band. The Pan display shows all. I do have to read the manual there are many more options to find out. I let it run WSPR    Good signals from OZ7IT  +3dB

4 ele STEPPIR versus 7 ele LFA ??

Found 50MHz closed in the morning. I have the relative heavy 9m long 7ele LFA back at 22 M ag Now I can make a direct compare On LX0SIX  50.02165 : The Steppir 4ele  included the extra 6meter director At about 16Mm a.g. and 60m coax cable And the 7 ele 9m boom at 22m ag 30m H2000 Yes  there is a clear audio difference in favour for the 7ele But I would expect S units difference? 1 S-unit  only I think Or the STEPPIR is super or this LFA  is doing not much It is time to make a small good designed 6m/4m Una .. And forget about this dragon... This pictures made Saturday when I first could see the results of last night. The  white line 160m inv-L  is kept free from the boom by the spreader wires   this way I can rotate the 6M yagi without detuning / sparks The JIDX  some JA's with good signals I guess only the big guns this time. Few weeks ago one could work JA in FM 10W.. PABEKER-CW  33 QSO  toen maar aan de koffie en gestopt  er kwam niemand meer retour 

6 m antenna back up again

This afternoon I took the 6m 7ele LFA Uda down from the attic and placed it back in the mast at 22m a.g Cold wind from the south-east and early dark but everything went good 80/160/40/30 meter wire dipoles all stretched without getting stuck in the trees. With the high sunspots I am hoping for some 6M DX ... It is not 100% impossible that some signal leaks trough to northern areas??? Or is it? Anyway I did sacrifice the  multi-band dipole  40-10 for 6m then but still have 20-6 Steppir and the  40/30 dual dipole. I cleaned the shack a bit  and taddaa  a little bragging..


This week I am testing a Flex-1500  SDR   the smallest SDR from Flexradio My first experience with SDR. I am very impressed!  This small  modem type box is a complete transceiver It has superb receiving.   PAN is an extra dimension to radio. It has incredible small filtering a square shaped 25Hz filter  no ringing!    POWER SDR  gives super radio-front control   offering possibilities not seen before  I need some time to get used controlling everything by mouse.  There are special control wheels too. On the other hand the conventional radio's like my K3 is also constant connected and controlled  by a PC.  Definite this is the future of radio.  Then I saw the  new power fets  144MHz 3w drive 1250W RF out! woow  50V 30amps A simple small PCB 7x14cm on a cooling block 50V Power thats it! That's the end of the  PA tubes too... the  MRFE6VP61K25H  or the  Philips  BLF578XR     1200W "unbreakable   

TX7M LOTW confirmed but 80m is missing

LOTW  confirms   of this  excellent DX-pedition  with good ears and operating  the low bands sorry I have missed 160.  Low band propagation was very poor but still some EU's managed it into the 160m log. Also TX3T Tahiti could be worked on some  10 12 15 30 Details PA0O TX7M 2011-10-24 16:53:14 15M CW 21.03267 MARQUESAS ISLAND Details PA0O TX7M 2011-10-23 08:51:19 30M CW 10.10994 MARQUESAS ISLAND Details PA0O TX7M 2011-10-22 17:52:42 15M SSB 21.30670 MARQUESAS ISLAND Details PA0O TX7M 2011-10-22 17:42:10 12M CW 24.90430 MARQUESAS ISLAND Details PA0O TX7M 2011-10-22 17:03:18 10M CW 28.03863 MARQUESAS ISLAND Details PA0O TX7M 2011-10-22 07:41:40 17M SSB 18.16001 MARQUESAS ISLAND Details PA0O TX7M 2011-10-22 07:32:23 20M CW 14.03345 MARQUESAS ISLAND De


Had a strange problem with N1MM  at the start of this contest. The  incremental #  was out of control.. It incremented double.  The auto-serial number started at 5 not 1  and in 10 QSO  it was already at  50 . I could not find any fault in N1MM  configuring. But my Notepad was also running N1MM  in general logging. Had to switch N1MM off then al was normal again.  n=n+1 every QSO.. But the first 10-20 contacts will be marked as invalid by the contest robot.. Strange, N1MM normal did report that the contest types do not match in multi user network mode. But  have not seen this behaviour before.   28 was again wide open to VK1 2 3 4 5 6 7   even 200mW copied by VK7AB again. But no DX worked or heard in the contest !

10m wspr this morning down to 200mW

 2011-11-05 06:58   PA0O   28.126024   -23   0   JO33hg   5   VK7AB   QE37ne   16905   84   2011-11-05 07:02   PA0O   28.126023   -16   0   JO33hg   1   VK7AB   QE37ne   16905   84   2011-11-05 07:14   PA0O   28.126023   -23   0   JO33hg   0.5   VK7AB   QE37ne   16905   84   2011-11-05 07:26   PA0O   28.126022   -29   0   JO33hg   0.2   VK7AB   QE37ne   16905   84   2011-11-05 07:38   PA0O   28.126022   -28   0   JO33hg   0.2   VK7AB   QE37ne   16905   84   2011-11-05 07:46   PA0O   28.126022   -28   0   JO33hg   0.2   VK7AB   QE37ne   16905   84  The mornings before 1W was enough for ZL1JA and ZL2RF this evening could catch 3D2T at 30m CW  and  E51NOU  South Cook ZK1  In a big W-pile on 28.009.9 CW E51NOU Bill van der Heide was waiting for his flight to North Cook. I was copied as PA0OPA   A miss-copy  that happens ofther with my 1 letter suffix. I had that with TL0CW Rudi on 80m CW   firts he got my call correct. But then he added an extra letter to it.. And to corre


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