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28 back to life ... 1 day only

Saturday 1/9/2012 morning 28MHz propagation map including  EU ZL (not here) RUS RADIO RTTY   several JA contacts 28MHz  In the evening 28 showed remarkable propagation. FO4BM  around 23 local.  Weak on the dipole .  Missing my Stepper.   XE1KCS/B EK09   OA4B 28.200  heard Very weak heard  ZL4TEN 28.228  over SA  just realised to ZL is always longpath.. Need to get  a 2nd mast again for the Steppir. High expectations for the Sunday morning 28MHz opening to VK/ZL but only "normal" propagation left  with VK2KRR and VK6DZ copied My procedure to handle a picture  in windows With  ALT + PrtSC key the  active window is copied to the clipboard. But  using ctrl + V  does not place the bitmap image to this blog.  I tried MWsnap  to select and copy a part of the screen. Then this picture is saved somewhere  to  your user files It can not be found in the "my pictures" map. I tried again to save the MWsnap picture and did notice the location where i should


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