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ICOM CAT Interface CI-V

I did not use the CI-V  Icom CAT interface much after i got the K3 few years ago. But it is always good to have a backup or /P station. The CI-V i have Needs the RTS and/or DTR lines in high state as a pull up voltage to let it work. That worked always very nice with a 2nd serial-port for the R/T and CW keying. Now I wanted to use 1 USB-serial  comport for both CAT and T/R CW switching.  Had to press in 2 more transistors 1 for T/R switching  and 1 for  CW keying. And use the 8V as pullup supply from the ICOM Conventional  electronic parts    only I filed the  transistors flat. This way you can make your own SMD format... SMD parts would be the best for these things..  It took the whole afternoon ...  but it was storm  and rain anyway 4 transsitors 6 R's  1 diode 1 tan-C Finally it worked The IC706 is CAT controlled  from WSPR  and  N1MM   plus T/R and CW switched using the USB-serial Prolific  interface  The ICOM IC706  settings regarding the


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