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23cm tropo

Very good tropo over North Sea  direction N-E  last night  in  SW  all beacons normal level   My first  LA  with new 23cm station     since 30 years..  very strong radar sweeps but my new 23cm RX did handle it without problem jo33hg up to s9 tks Jan PA0O   LA3EQ 1296200  jo28xj 2037z 01 Jun LA3EQ   PA0O 1296200  [LoTW] tnx qso....lot of QSB 2032z 01 Jun  tried with    LA4ANA        no copy  too far inland           JO59CU no one else ! heard again  LA1UHG  1296.852 MHz   JO59fb     long time S9  OZ7IGY    1296930             JO55WM   S9+ GB3MHZ    1296830            JO02PB     normal S4 PI7ALK       1296915            JO22IF PI7QHN        1296.906          CM53b .. ON0TB        1296.950           JO30BM DB0XY        1296.913          JO51EU DB0VC         1296.920          JO54IF PI6ASD         1296.637          CM55    linear transponder new heard SK6MHI     1296.800           JO57TQ SK7UHI      1296.805           JO57TX OZ1UHF      1296.955          


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