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FB tropo first good tropo 2021 (hope in the contest weekend same ...;-) and "my" 23cm Beacons overview

The beacons i can hear / detect in JO33HG  in flat propagation at 1296MHz   OZ7IGY   1296.930 very weak copy  when not in PI mode.. DB0VC  xx.920 JO54if 100% in almost all conditions DB0XY  x.912 JO51EU  100% one of the stronger DB0GW  x.951  JO31jk  Munster always detected seems improved   specific frequency zig-zag below   ON0VHF 100%  PI6ASD x. 639 Amsterdam linear transponder 70cm in beacon mostly heard PI7ALK  x.918  S5 normal back after few moths of  renovation fb! GB3MHZ  x.830 100% copy  DB0LTG   x.7435 100% DB0MOT    detectable after some time.. PE9GHZ/B   1296.815 JO11MW  in/out   my 3cm  beacon at  10368.904 MHZ is still 24x7 on air pse spot it! above my DF9IC 23cm PA build some time ago, i tested it but unfortunately no output  I guess this project is the end of my home brew  attempts f.t.t.b...   Tonight Monday very good tropo  Beacons heard: SR1KOL  SR3HLY JO82LJ DB0UB JO62KK LA1UHG LB2SHF SKMHI SK6UHI OK0EKL   SP4MPI KO01  CW    SP5XMU  KO02 965km   205030 -18 -1.0 1567
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WSPR bogus decodes 2019 are stil present in 2021 LQ0HGF 14MDA

 last 2 weeks check on LQ0HGF and 14MDA possible there are more "calls" like this those implausible decodes are multiple decoded over a long period of time 2018 until now their locations always end in the middle of nowhere No stratospheric balloons since the locator is not changing my guess, this is a software issue  TimestampCallMHzSNRDriftGridPwrReporterRGridkmazMode# Spots 2021-02-04 20:06  LQ0HGF  5.288599  -8  0  RP22  200  EA8BFK  IL38bo  9887  359  2  1  2021-02-07 07:44  LQ0HGF  5.288756  -19  0  RP22  200  DK8FT  JN58oe  7492  341  2  1  2021-02-03 15:32  LQ0HGF  0.475739  -21  0  RP22  200  DL0AO  JN59vk  7347  341  2  40  2021-02-07 19:16  LQ0HGF  7.040099  -17  0  RP22  200  G8LCO  IO91vu  7235  350  2  1  2021-02-08 12:08  LQ0HGF  18.106201  -18  0  RP22  200  DM3FML  JO60ux  7148  340  2  1  2021-02-17 06:20  LQ0HGF  5.288589  -26  0  RP22  200  DL0HT  JO43jb  6999  344  2  1  2021-02-03 18:54  LQ0HGF  14.097021  -12  0  RP22  200  SP7WT  JO91  6996  337  2  36 

PACC contest 2021

Our National PACC HF Contest weekend,  while the halve nation was out on the ice.                   Aa canal in city Groningen.   seen from my former QTH where i was active as PA0OOS   from 1972 in those day's we had cold winters but no-one was ice skating there 40m linear loaded/ foldback dipole  PACC our national HF contest 24 hours February 13/14 is history. After some doubts  i choose the A1 section CW  100W power  Rather cold even in the shack at night i had to use an electric heather .. During the quiet periods thoughts came up saying it makes no sense energy wise , switch off the heather and on the PA.. but i did not.  Again top activity in CW many long time PACC friends seen on the bands thanks for giving out points. just a serial number and the obligatory 599 will do. A pity that no easy  28 MHz local DL OZ ON G could be logged that could have made the difference between first or second  position.  Also zero SA CW activity no PY LU in the log,  propagation was good enough.

CQ160CW CW alive and kicking

  I choose to enter the low power 100W max. contest section.   K3 i-L 25m vertical and rx Beverages E/W Since in our ADSL2+ network a "notch" is set by the KPN network provider,what a relieve! finally. TX-ing 1.8MHz  is without interfering our network TV. Did you know that  ADSL2+  is using 1-2 MHz base band ? The KPN helpdesk man and woman do not know this. Friendly people but they are schooled in "communication" that's how they call it in the University and schools it has nothing to do with technical communication but it is a sort of training to build a pleasant buffer between the public and authorities in general, many good job's to get in this field !   Thanks to a real KPN technician the ADSL2+ carriers within 1.8 -  2.0 are switched off, called a notch. This is the only way to get rit of 1.8MHz RFI in the network all other methodes failed. My result at Sunday morning band close  630Q  ZF5T XE2X 2-way great receiving !  75 multi's 17 states  Poor pr

ISS MMSSTV picture

 Strong passage of ISS   Receiving results at 472.4 kHz are very poor this year no USA decodes seen so guess the receiving antenne has a problem.  The 40m rotating dipole "lineair loading" 14m shorted works reasonable. Tuned in band the top wire capacitieve loads are very critical in length. 10cm / 100kHz .  I now use special very flexible  wire and a small nut  end weight to keep the wires 120cm  lenght stretched.   Last night at 7.093  the NL Nasiballen round  VE1CHW  slightly better copy on the dipole about 1 s-unit in favor of the dipole at 22m a.g.  against the GP with base at 1m above ground. The GP is a much easier antenne to set up.  

24 hour WSPR

  24 hour result with Flex1500 rx  /tx 5W   80m       Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az Mode  2021-01-22 16:54   VK7DIK   3.570144   -17   0   QE38cu   5   PA0O   JO33hg   16733   308   2   2021-01-22 16:28   VK7DIK   3.570144   -17   0   QE38cu   5   PA0O   JO33hg   16733   308   2   2021-01-22 18:48   VK7DIK   3.570144   -22   0   QE38cu   5   PA0O   JO33hg   16733   308   2   2021-01-22 18:06   VK7DIK   3.570144   -14   0   QE38cu   5   PA0O   JO33hg   16733   308   2   2021-01-22 16:02   VK7DIK   3.570144   -15   0   QE38cu   5   PA0O   JO33hg   16733   308   2   2021-01-22 18:36   VK7DIK   3.570144   -11   0   QE38cu   5   PA0O   JO33hg   16733   308   2   2021-01-22 19:42   VK7DIK   3.570145   -15   0   QE38cu   5   PA0O   JO33hg   16733   308   2   2021-01-22 19:44   VK7DIK   3.570145   -14   0   QE38cu   5   PA0O   JO33hg   16733   308   2   2021-01-22 08:16   KD6RF   3.570124   -13   0   EM22lr   5   PA0O   JO33hg   7854   38   2   2021-01-22 15:18   P


  Picture shows the U3S -deluxe  with PA build into the U3S housing (deluxe). Powered by 12V  1.5A max 1 UA7805 for the U3S 5V, A IRF9510 P-channel + NPN BC557  to make TX 12V switched by the  U3S "key" and an connected  UA7805 for TX5V.  The 5 band LPF board the U3S with the 80m LPF0 not visable the small coax cables to the underside of the U3S to place the LPF 0 and 1 2 3 4 5 behind the PA .   This multi mode multi band automatic beacon transmitter is a best seller by QRP LAbs kit by Hans Summers I  build 3 of them, one time they should run as WSPR beacon PU7ZWT in HI11ln  N-E Brasil Some issues : Had to replace the original cheap PC 27MHz kristal with a far more stable TCXO Taitien the blue potmeter PCB More output: I use an eBay 2 trap HF VHF PA having a RD15HVF1 power Mostfet in the final RD15xxx Mitsubishi  power MOS-FET are  used in many rigs like the K3 LPA it can operate from HF to 450 MHz. Its Source is  the middle cool flange that makes cooling a lot easier. This e