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28Mhz today

NextCall signWorkedDate/TimeBandModeFreqQSLDetailsPA0OEA4HGR2020-05-16 10:38:0010MFT828.07512SPAINDetailsPA0OR9JAC2020-05-16 10:33:0010MFT828.07512DetailsPA0OR1AV2020-05-16 10:29:3010MFT828.07512EUROPEAN RUSSIADetailsPA0OBH4QYX2020-05-16 10:27:3010M
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FT225RD, FT902 repair

Old rigs of s.k. Eltje PA3CEE  here for check and repair
The rig's looked like they have been working in a brown cafe for years
He was a real smoker ...

The  100pf 1000V mica capacitor was shorted and caused the 6146 damage one tube glas was busted
I replaced both tubes ... warning be very careful not to touch the anode part  almost 1000V stays long time loaded in the HV high capacity capacitors, no bleeder R it seems.
Before doing any work make sure the anode C is unloaded I used  a 10k resistor against ground with an isolated gripper and grounded wire!

----------------- the other rig 144 - 146 MHz all mode --------------------------------

The original  front end was replaced by a Mutek front as that was often done 30 year ago.
However my  FT221R  the preceding   have the original front-end ,i can't find this one less performing.  And the FT221 can handle the extreme strong local contest station PA1T . That is about the strongest signal on the band.
It is not like in the glo…

wspr 1 week 80m result

over 7 days remarkable number of ZL decodes. Most in the evening N-E greyline path but also in the morning over South America path .  Although for both paths the same DX is calculated ..

50 spots: TimestampCallMHzSNRDriftGridPwrReporterRGridkmaz# Spots 2020-04-25 18:22  PA0O  3.570169  -20  0  JO33hg  20  ZL2BCI  RE79nd  18387  37  18  2020-04-26 04:54  PA0O  3.570170  -24  0  JO33hg  5  ZL2005SWL  RE68mx  18315  42  10  2020-04-28 19:00  PA0O  3.570171  -27  0  JO33hg  5  ZL1AVO  RF73fd  17961  32  1  2020-04-24 17:34  PA0O  3.570169  -16  0  JO33hg  5  VK2EFM  QF56oq  16450  66  15  2020-04-27 18:22  PA0O  3.570174  -25  0  JO33hg  10  VK2EBN  QF57ub  16448  65  1  2020-04-24 18:02  PA0O  3.570173  -21  0  JO33hg  5  VK5MR  PF94gw  15784  81  10  2020-04-24 17:46  PA0O  3.570170  -18  0  JO33hg  5  VK5PJ  PF95mk  15778  80  7  2020-04-28 19:22  CP5XHZ  3.569998  -26  0  JB50  5  PA0O  JO33hg  14768  356  1  2020-04-25 22:44  D15DQO  3.570005  -27  0  JB50  0.2  PA0O  JO33hg  14768  …

N1MM Spectrum display with Hackrf1

N1MM does offer a Spectrum Display  that can display a panoramic view some  newer radio's support band data from the first broad m.f.  like the IC7300
Radios that connect to the PC using USB or WAN can offer a data stream to N1MM Spectrum Display so older types need an other solution.

My K3 is connected with rs232 for CAT for low speed serial data  like frequency mode
T/R CW keying 
The Hackrf1 i recently got can be used  if your K3  has the Xverter I/O option.
Hrf1 should already be working okay with SDR-console or SDR# before trying to connect with N1MM Spectrum Display
Download ExtIO_HackRF.DLL
This ExtIO_HackRF.dll   must be copied to the N1MM  program directory.
   C:\Program Files (x86)\N1MM Logger+
Connect the  Hackrf1 with the IF out.
Hrf1 USB should be pluged in , no other  SDR program must be running with it.

Start N1MM like used to  then open window Spectrum Display
In my case the N1MM Spectrum display automatically foun…

Hackrf 1

Now we are locked up in our houses as in a horror S.F. film
The streets and sky are empty
Just few weeks ago we where at our contest location PI4GN  IARU UHF contest at 23cm already the Airplane scatter was affected. We did not know that this would be our last contest .

Saw Youtube Bill Gates warning. In 2015 he almost exact! pointed out what will happen when a Virus like Corona would spread out over the world.
 "We" did not act to this serious warnings .
Health authority's like in Taiwan Germany  did act direct in December and January last year
so now when i see our "taskforce" i can't help thinking of that.
Bill Gates said it all  I think of my child wood far travelling was only for few people.
Our school organised a 50km day bus trip.
The Greta generation is flying to Bali after having a well deserved ski holiday.
Everywhere leaving a trail of plastic bottles and cans.

The whole CO2 /energy transfer discussion is gone
I hope the climate church will be …