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Hackrf 1

Now we are locked up in our houses as in a horror S.F. film The streets and sky are empty Just few weeks ago we where at our contest location PI4GN  IARU UHF contest at 23cm already the Airplane scatter was affected. We did not know that this would be our last contest . Saw Youtube Bill Gates warning. In 2015 he almost exact! pointed out what will happen when a Virus like Corona would spread out over the world.  "We" did not act to this serious warnings . Health authority's like in Taiwan Germany  did act direct in December and January last year so now when i see our "taskforce" i can't help thinking of that. Bill Gates said it all  I think of my child wood far travelling was only for few people. Our school organised a 50km day bus trip. The Greta generation is flying to Bali after having a well deserved ski holiday. Everywhere leaving a trail of plastic bottles and cans. The whole CO2 /energy transfer discussion is gone I hope the climate ch


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