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2021 ARRL160 in CW mode

I had some hope for the ARRL 160 CW high expectation but many poor signals with un-answered EU takers . Most  W / VE big guns  just continued CQ . I realize that USA USA traffic dominates the EU.  And only big EU QRO was heard .  Then i started run hoping for W/VE with EU RX antenna ,found a N-A  free QRG  then indeed  got response a few calls relative easy, Until a persistent caller  from let me say an ex - EU country blocked my little run, i send the om a report , no problem if someone, not in contest want a short exchange  But the om kept on calling in slow CW totally unaware of the ARRL160 ? how can you miss this activity my brain was spinning.  That inappropriate calling ended my appetite for the contest and I switched off . I seem to attract lunatics. In previous 160 contests there was a weak carrier that seemed to follow me when moving up or down a bit. Propagation low bands continue to be very poor 630m only EU signals seen In contrast  mode WSPR  DP0GVN at 1.8 was possible Tim


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