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Stew Perry topband DX challenge

 Stew Perry topband DX challenge. As the name suggests the goal is the best distance. Idea was the  low power section bare foot 100W should be fine. This is an other then others.To my opinion smart,the useless "599" is skipped,  exchange is the first 4 figures of the WW-locator. So the reply is only:   {call} JO33 The QSO points are calculated from center field to field distance. A with this simple but correct exchange a moderate 26 CW speed gives a high QSO rating. Most QSO EU-EU yield 2 3 or 4 points DX like JA would be 25 USA W 20 or 18 points The power class is a multiplier LOW x 2 QRP  x 4  QRP working EU is rewarding f.i. LZ 24 points counts like JA in high power, I think the first option is easier. Next time must try that ?. 155 QSO most EU, best East dx heard was JH4UYB but the struggle of some well equipped HAM's was not a good sign. Just a very few of the many USA  heard could copy my 100W  (with what I  know now a brok


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