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Screen filled with WD2XSH/17 500kHz decodes

One night the screen was filled with  close to 40 decodes of WD2XSH/17. Best signal decoded -9dB  Until now WD2XSH/17 is the only USA experimental 500kHz station i have decoded.  In January there was good copy of the VX9MRC   cw beacon from Wireless Hill the historical radio location . This season the band conditions have not come close to that and we are top of season now... But I can decode WD2SXH/17  every night  at least a few times. Sometimes only a faint trace without decoding i seem to have lost the capability to decode <28db on him. Now our experimental 500kHz year is comming to end  and we will have to stop transmitting 31 december 23:59.. I was copied once by WD2XSH/17  with my 0.5W ERP approximately. That could have been better if i had a good tuning unit outside at the antenna base  or inside by feeding the wire direct trough the wall.    My receiving  is very good compared to the other EU 500khz active HAM's Clearly a credit to the K9AY loop receiving ante

WD2XSH/17 WSPR screen


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