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EA6 land holliday

Back from short last minute on EA6 Mallorca. We had a very warm July in JO33hg  until last Wednesday it ended drastically changed from 28 to 15C   heavy showers after a  thunderstorm with bad damage and one young girl killed by a fallen tree. From our local airport it's a 2h20m flight only to get into a tropical world. The contrast couldn't be greater the runway was flooded and 15C in Groningen we had to walk to the plane  a small airport. Mallorca airport is very big 15 million travellers it looked bigger then Schiphol Amsterdam airport. From a rainy 15C to 36C   even after  midnight still around 30C  almost to warm for a walk on the beach. At night on the beach we saw 4 meteoroids 12 August in 1 hour time it was not very dark the light pollution was high but dark  enough to see the milky way.  Not like a shower but the radiant was Perseus.  Bruce Springsteen's modest yacht Palma de Mallorca  with some ham antenna at the back 2 and 6m I believe.  I hav


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