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     ARRL Section : DX         Club/Team : 19          Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.7845.0         Band   Mode  QSOs     Pts  Grd  Pt/Q           50  CW      26      26   19   1.0           50  USB     45      45   29   1.0        Total  Both    71      71   48   1.0 EA8  was deze keer de ODX    niet de volledige tijd meegedaan not full time NL: PA5WT  PA2REH  PA4EL heard had to miss the Sunday evening  ES to EA  I7/8 IS0(1) IT9  9H(1) ZB2(1) CT(3) EA8(2) CN8(1) SV OY LZ TA(2) 4X(2) Some FT8 contest activity  but the  CQWW VHF site does not mention the use of FT8 contest mode? And had a problem with FT8 contest mode the program crashed when logging i upgraded to the latest WSJT-x  V2.1.0 but same crash  sorry PA2REH trying to log you failed I used only CW / USB mode then. this run-time error popup came when pressing the log button, never had this before after upgrading from V2.01 to the latest V2.1.0  i lost the CAT connection the radio type  w


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