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ARRL RTTY FT8 roundup ARRL 160CW

The first  FT8 contest  Needs the latest WSJT-x rc5 PG7V contest agenda shows how to prepare.  But i choose to install a separate instance of this rc5 version to keep the existent WSJT-x 1.9.1  unchanged  Installed WSJT-x rc5  not default but to WSJT-xRC5 Then renamed copy of shortcut: WSJT-X_Roundup Change property target:  Target: C:\WSJT\wsjtxRC5\bin\wsjtx.exe --rig-name=Roundup Start in:   C:\WSJT\wsjtxRC5 A  separate instance starts when clicking this shortcut all logfiles are virgin. wsjtxlog.adi  is not created yet it will when the first FT8 QSO is logged  This WSJT-x rc5 must be configured as a new install User , radio frequencies for RTTY I managed  132 QSO   i heard a lot more then I could work screen full USA  but even with extra power it was hard to be heard Nice experience    This contest exchange uses real reports! 529 539 539 559 ....   The maximum report i saw  589   not a single time 599  The whole contest takes only 2.7 kHz per band !!


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