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N1MM info-field multi user

Recently I connected my old FT102 again. The rise was a visitor that walked past my house seeing the antenna's  interested in radio and  had recently obtained an F-licence PA3JK . I loaned him my FT102 that was switched off 3 years since i have the K3. It is still working okay after cleaning some relay contacts. This Transceiver has a very good receiver but it missing the CAT connection it was developed in the 70's . Since I had to test the FT102 again on 40m  I found that it is convenient  to have an other TRX operational. I have separate antenna's and the set is standing at the desk anyway. I have set N1MM in multiuser  Networked-computer mode to be able to log  both. N1MM in multi-user mode gives the possibility to log at more positions. N1MM is running local on both PC  positions. The database is updated on both. The Laptop for the IC706 / FT102 and the PC for the K3. Nothing new  for multi contest operators  but i never tried this. The N1MM manual is exce

Re-using Molex PC connectors

Our summer weather ended this afternoon with heavy showers and 17C only.  HF propagation has been very disturbed. No decodes by VK7DIK on 80m last night it seemed to be restored. But only temporary, this evening again no grey-line decodes. I had to move the Steppir control-box and rotor indicator to the shack. So did not have to be bored. Painting outside was not possible unfortunately ;-) The PL259 as  tool to disassemble the PC power connectors .. The Molex terminals fit as plugs and sockets in this connector. The Kenpro rotator that belongs to the Versatower  has a strange type connector ... 10 pole  idiot proof. This old rotor has 6 wires. 3  for the indicator  and 3 for the motor.   The voltage  of the  potentiometer in the rotator is simply displayed as 0-360 degrees by the voltmeter in the indicator. My own newer type KR-400RC  uses 5 wires   2 for the potentiometer and also 3 for the motor. The indicator has a  360dgs 500ohm potentiometer same as in the


the beam  tilt up leveled exact with the rotor pipe makes it a one man job.  Some issues came up during assembling. The rotor pipe is limited to 50mm by the U-bolts while even a light Kenpro 400  accepts 65mm. Why using  outlet muffler type "no grip"  U-bolts   instead of threaded  U-bolts Threaded U-bolts have much more grip and do not need to be bolted extreme to prevent the antenna twisting around destroying the cables. I made my own stainless M8 threaded U-bolts again.. Also Fritzel beams FB33 use this type of non threaded U-clamps they hold only  when the tube diameter fits precise the clamp saddle and then bolt it very firmly with the risk of lacing up the beam. The first storm here  already did break the beam through the clamps. But must say I am using temporary a  40mm rotor pipe not the 50mm maximum size. That makes it a lot weaker connection.  Since 50 to 40 mm diameter means 20% more force on the clamps plus that they do do not fit co

First serious AURORA since ? 8 years tonight!

Just finished placing the Steppir in the mast here. Signals sounded a  bit strange at 20M  ST0R was quite strong in RTTY working W. Looks okay matching okay cable is long 60m about the rotor and Steppir controls are still not near the radio since the cables are short. But what a coincidence the first time this beam is finally there where it belongs, in the mast and the first serious Aurora since 8 years? happened... Only 1 decode by VK7DIK 80m early evening then signals where gone. Tried to work ZD8D at 1820kHz up 2  weak  qsb And ST0R 1824  heard his call  but jammed by QRI  not workable   03:11 local...still Aurora OH9SIX KP36OI 55A

Fishing harbour Lauwersoog low tide.

 Lauwersoog fishing harbour. Had to park my open boat in the harbour. 5m difference  between hi and low tide was to much to get it out again. The bridge is sloping down but at hi tide it arises. Boat ramp  at hi tide lo

They like my antenna

Young Swallows gathering for their DX trip to Africa.


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