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CQWW CW 2016

CQWW means high activity and rare DX . We have to get use to lousy bands after  being spoiled in the past years. After few hours in this band conditions I choose to swap to high power. Time-on about   24h all together mostly nighttime. 10m  like VHF in a meteor shower. 160m scarce weak DX signals surprised to hear TZ5AM in QSO Trouble with N1MM classic unusual annoying hangup's That frustrated some QSO's. Think it was network related. Network mode is unchecked still it tried to find network partners. I got same timeout when modifying network settings. Now deleted network name list hope it is fixed. I use N1MM  classic again N1MM+    crashes here. to repair  N1MM+  i had to follow the procedure below     i write it here as mnemonic This procedure solved my N1MM+  problem: 1-  backup the user file map  and delete the map itself. 2-  Full install  and  set user files to    C:\Users\Jaap\Documents\N1MM Logger+ 3-  To get  last data back  convert actual


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