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144MHz ES 26 June 2017

Monday 26 June   A remarkable day! Noticed cluster spot's   DL  reporting  TA1D/3  144.300 I switched on the old FT225RD  ( 30W USB 20W CW/FM) antenna  DK7ZB 223  ( 2e 4m / 6m  3e 2m  mini antenna  f.b!) After some time listening  some DL's calling at 144.300 And sudden woow TA1D/3  calling cq  Kadri from KM39BP  West Turkye coast  In and out  i called several times  then signal became stronger S7 and QSO woow  Turkye on 2m  never heard before even not in the golden ES years  of the 90's audio recording TA1D/3 Monday band was very quiet few hams only no big pile Working hams could not be QRV Sorry for the working class this type of special DX occasions always seem to happen outside the weekends.  In the past  the interesting DX at 6m allway happens at working days.  2/7 * 100%  30% would be the weekend chance by calculation Evening times are not as good for real dx or it must be afternoon just before dinner


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