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Showing posts from January 3, 2020

NAC 28MHz ... Boreal Activity Contest

Thursday evening Nordic Activity Contest NAC 28MHz  or should it be the Boreal Activity Contest (...) a good test for the Steppir  on a "dead"band several OH SM signals seen at 28074   ...  in the FT8 window  .. where else ;-) this time i tried to start WSJT-x  from out N1MM Normally i start WSJT-x first then N1MM and click away the CAT error popups N1MM is running the back round This way WSJT FT8 QSO are also logged in N1MM  general logging data Provided N1MM   WSJT UDP  setting is checked  a bit complicated but it works starting WSJT-x from out N1MM  integrated WSJT-x gave Rig  Control Error after closing N1MM   WSJT-x  now called   WSJT-x-ForEW1  runs  i guess i have to modify the configuration to run both simultane Need to close N1MM  to run now called WSJT-X - ForEW1 Contest mode  config  automatic logging checked It runs in a new ForEW1 user domain so the existing WSJT is unchanged the last hour of this test WSJT-x crashed  when mixing


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