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Oktober propagatie 10m 2013

Last 24 hours 10M  Oktober  is good!     Left the K3 on at home running  1W WSPR  remote  controlled. Only WSPR stopped  working 1 time.  This rarely happened in the last 4 years I have it running 24x7x365 I lost the error message in the WSPR screen. There is no WSPR error track file  deep in W7  "secret" locations where WSPR is saving all decodes "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\WSPR\ALL_WSPR.TXT" this file goes back to 2010  the moment  I changed to the present Notebook for WSPR.  The previous PC ALL_WSPR.TXT   must be somewhere in the HD of the crashed PC But since it is hidden so deep it is easy lost..       Just back from a trip to Turkey Kayseri   KM78  and KM79 central Anatolia The Flex1500 in suitcase but no suitable place/time for a provisory antenna in the guesthouses. Although the  thin populated  wide  and hilly landscape in Yozgat area  looked very promising for radio.    I stayed in the r


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