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60m and Tektronix 465 in trouble

474.2 of for the 1 rst time in weeks no decodes of AA1A
 high bands still very good   10m VK2KRR      HS YB C9 ZS CE ZP CX PY stiil many

hrd and called 80 HS YB JA not all JA could cpy
then suddenly later in night all DX gone

atn   DU1GM    en 6Y4AT

T2AR    60m hrd JT65 very weak 2 decodes -20 -22  early morning longpath ( only possible i think)
TUVALU   in  RI99ol  exotic grid..

NextCall signWorkedDate/TimeBandModeFreqQSLDetailsPA0OW8WDR2017-10-26 05:36:4580MFT83.57354DetailsPA0OW4RIX2017-10-26 05:22:3080MFT83.57354UNITED STATES OF AMERICADetailsPA0OW1PFZ2017-10-26 05:17:1580MFT83.57354DetailsPA0ON3OUC2017-10-26 05:05:1580MFT83.57354DetailsPA0OHP1XT2017-10-26 05:02:0080MFT83.57354