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Showing posts from October 29, 2011

Topband YC0LOW/1 TL0CW new

YC0LOW/1  Jo good signal from his /1 location  preparing CQWW Test this whole weekend... very promising
Had high QRN level as always  but  he gave 599!
TL0CW  2nd QSO 
 I had him on 80/160 but uncertain due to tuning and QSB 
this afternoon & evening WSPR 28 screen filled with W including W6 and 7 's !  This morning as usual VK1-6 ..
Propagation seems to be recovered.

Yesterday heard South Cook on 28  but too weak and simplex.

My old IC2E 2m FM porto did stop working after 30 years.
I bought that one in 1980.... 
No receive no tx just noise seems PLL part.
This is an analoge technic design very low standby power just few miliamps... it had 2W