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144MHz Marconi memorial CW contest 6 7 November

Activated from the club station location PI4GN JO33II   Used the 6x 9 ele array and rig of Nanko PA0V Operators  Marten PA3EKM and me PA0O The weather was maximum bad, rain and wind during the weekend. Typical contest weather so to say. Final result  210 QSO  abt 150000 points / km OK  and OE copied real S9 at times. Despite bad tropo in heavy rain and wind   2   QSO  over 900km succeeded  with some patience OM3KII and OM2Y  both in JN88  good copy here most of the time Iono type signals We run max legal power from  2x BLF188 Very low noise except N-E   direction with some 10dB noise raise. Saturday it was going well but Sunday very poor and very low QSO rate. A late start 10 local and the bad weather spoiled a better result.  Sunday running empty CQ long time . Saturday was reasonable.  


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